Restorative & prosthetic dentistry

Product overview

Innovation. Precision. Comfort.

W&H dental instruments for restoration & prosthetics

Your dental health is our priority. W&H has been developing and manufacturing high-end equipment for restorative and prosthetic dentistry since 1890. Our quality instruments – ranging from handpieces and motors to couplings – stand for maximum precision, efficiency and comfort. Putting the best possible treatment experience for both patients and dental professionals first.

Turbine handpieces

Dental turbine handpieces for restoration & prosthetics

Whatever you encounter. With W&H dental restorative and prosthetic instruments, you are prepared for anything. Discover our versatile product lines Primea, Synea and Alegra and optimize your practice.

Straight & contra-angle handpieces

Optimum service life & quiet operation

The superb quality and precision of Synea and Alegra straight and contra-angle handpieces make your daily work significantly easier. These instruments are a staple in restoration and prosthetic thanks to their ideal ergonomics, quiet use and optimal illumination of the treatment site.


Versatile system interfaces

The W&H Roto Quick coupling and the Multiflex® coupling provide the highest level of compatibility with our instruments for prosthetics and restoration. Handpieces, turbine handpieces, air motors and scalers can be coupled easily and seamlessly, including instruments with LED+, LED and halogen light.

Air motor

Ultralight and powerful

The powerful W&H dental air motors are exceptionally lightweight and compact for maximum user comfort. Improved handling and precision raise your instruments for restoration and prosthodontics to the next level.

Electric motor

Compact and powerful

The W&H electric motor is ergonomic and extraordinarily lightweight and therefore allows you to work with ease. With precise settings over the entire speed range.

Accessories & Consumables

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W&H restorative & prosthetic equipment

Areas of application

The broad field of restoration and prosthetics demands instruments that provide precision and comfort. W&H pours over 130 years of experience in developing of high-end equipment and service solutions, facilitating everyday practice. Our turbine handpieces, straight and contra-angle handpieces are the efficient and comfortable choice for various procedures:

  • preparation of cavities and crown stumps
  • dental trepanning
  • resectioning
  • separating
  • excavating
  • removal of fillings and metals
  • removal of excesses
  • cementing
  • finishing and polishing
  • basic technical procedures

Benefits for dentists & patients

Health, function and aesthetics. Dentists strive to improve how their patients’ teeth look and feel when performing restorative or prosthodontic procedures. The W&H instruments put the patient’s comfort in the center of each and every treatment – with maximum precision and minimal stress.

Thanks to our lightweight and ergonomic design, quiet use, powerful motors, light and cooling options, our instruments ensure the highest level of treatment comfort for dental professionals and patients alike.

Quality made to last

Manufactured at production facilities in Austria, Italy and Sweden, W&H values top quality standards. Our dental tools and supplies are robust and coated with the unique W&H ScratchBlocker to keep your instruments for restoration and prosthodontics in their best shape. Aiming not only to prolong your instrument’s lifespan, but also to effectively interrupt the chain of infection, we offer a step-by-step hygiene workflow: W&H AIMS. Our best practice hygiene protocols and devices allow for the reprocessing of your instruments: from cleaning to disinfection, sterilization, packaging and storage.