Pyon 2

Piezo Scaler with light

The Piezo Scaler with five sterilizable light emitting diodes in the handpiece allows exact working in daylight quality light and in a much larger field of light than is possible with conventional light sources. Product currently not available in North America - please contact us directly for more information

  • Piezo Scaler Pyon 2

    For four areas of application

    The LED Piezo Scaler for use in the areas of scaling, periodontology, endodontics, and micro-preparation. Thanks to the W&H Piezo Scaler, you can be sure to achieve the best results in all applications.

    The ergonomic design of the handpiece and the light weight make it possible for you to work for longer without becoming tired. The handpiece itself can be thermo washer disinfected and sterilized.

    Your advantages at a glance

    • Allows you to work in daylight quality light
    • Reflects the patient’s tooth colour exactly
    • Allows you to see contrasts much better
    • LED ring with 5 light emiting diodes
    • Ergonomic design
    • Comprehensive range of tips
    • Inclusive water filter
    • Handpiece is thermo washer disinfectable
      and sterilizable up to 135 °C
    • Handpiece either with LED or without light
    Precise work with LED

    Precise work with LED

    Light-emitting diodes are based on semiconductor connections that convert electricity directly into light.

    The results are:
    - robust, sterilizable light sources,
    - that barely heat up,
    - are shock-resistant and
    - do not emit any harmful IR and UVA rays.

    Furthermore, LED´s last much longer than traditional light sources and therefore help you to cut down costs and work more economically.
    Tip changer and tip card

    Tip changer and tip card

    Thanks to the W&H tip changer, tips can easily be attached and removed. When attaching the tip changer, the torque is reached when a distinct click is heard. At the same time, the tip changer also serves as an ideal depository when sterilizing the tip.

    So as to prevent signs of age, all universal tips as well as the Perio tip are provided with a tip card as well, which can be used to measure the level of wear of the individual tips The wear must not amount to more than 2 mm.

  • Pyon 2 PB-200 LED / PB-200
    Device dimensions (w x l x h): 164 x 170 x 77 mm
    Device weight: 460 g
    Frequency: 27 – 32 KHz
    Coolant hose: 2 m
    Hose handpiece with coupling: 1.8 m
    Handpiece weight: 52.5 g
    Max. coolant quantity: approx. 50 ml/min

    Piezo Built-In Kit PB-2 E LED / PB-2 E / PC-2 E LED / PC-2 E
    Device dimensions (w x l x h): 34 x 76 x 61 mm
    Weight of the device: 113.5 g
    Frequency: 27 – 32 KHz
    Classification: EN 60601-1: type B
    MDD 93/42: class IIa
    Protection against contact: IPXO
    Operating mode: S6 5/2 min
    Supply voltage: 34 V DC +/- 20%
    24 V AC +/- 10%
    50 – 60 Hz
    Nominal power: 21.6 VA
    Max. output power: 10 W