Review: "Aerosol in prophylaxis – a danger for the dental team?" by Prof. Dr. Georg Gaßmann

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You missed our recent webinar on “Aerosol in prophylaxis – a danger for the dental team?” or just want to watch it again? No worries! We recorded it for you!

In this webinar Prof. Dr. Georg Gaßmann dealt scientifically with the following questions:

  • What are sources of infection during dental treatment?
  • Which instruments cause aerosol and which preventive measures can be taken when handling aerosols?
  • Which alternative treatment options such as hand instrumentation and rotary polishing are favourable?
  • What is the "new normal" in the dental practices after "corona"?

A lot of questions to which there were surprising answers!
Find out for yourself!

Prof. Dr. med. dent. Georg Gaßmann
Dental Hygiene & Prevention Management
Head of Bachelor Study Program Dental Hygiene & Prevention Management
E U | F H
Campus Cologne
European University of Applied Sciences Rhein/Erft GmbH
FB Applied Health Sciences