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Optimal safety for patient and surgeon

Dr. Jairo Vargas Martinez, Costa Rica

The Piezomed from W&H has been an integral part of my daily work since June 2014. As an oral surgeon and university professor, I have been familiar with piezotechnology since 2007. The new Piezomed makes it possible for the first time to perform minimally invasive, rapid and precise procedures that offer both the patient and surgeon alike added security.

Minimally invasive, rapid and precise procedures


The Piezomed offers particular advantages when it comes to bone block harvesting. Compared with rotary instruments, W&H oscillating saws allow finer incisions with less bone loss. I can now remove bone blocks even more quickly and precisely than ever before.

Perforation of the Schneiderian membrane is a common intraoperative complication encountered when performing sinus lifts. The specially designed W&H working tips allow me to lift the membrane and insert bone replacement materials without damaging it with the instruments. As such, I can perform the sinus lift quickly and safely, without causing my patients unnecessary pain.

I see additional advantages of the W&H device in osteotomy for wisdom teeth and in root extractions. As the Piezomed tips vibrate less than rotary instruments, the treatment is perceived as quieter and less traumatic by the patient – an important bonus not only in tooth extractions but also when separating bone.

Excellent cutting performance

To make the surgical procedures as minimally invasive and safe as possible, I set great store by the optimal cutting performance of the surgical instruments. The focus here is on rapid, precise work and ablation of bone substance. The W&H Piezomed saws boast special toothing and have thoroughly proven their worth in day-to-day surgery. Thanks to the excellent cutting performance, I am able to make very accurate incisions and achieve optimal treatment results. In addition to an optimal cutting performance, the automatic instrument detection also ensures efficient work processes. I can focus completely on the patient and the treatment without having to worry about selecting the right instrument settings, i.e., my full concentration is dedicated to the surgical intervention and not the device.

Quicker healing

In my role as a university professor I am familiar with all the latest developments in piezotechnology, both with regard to the literature and the available technologies. Today, Piezomed represents the state of the art in the field of oral surgery and implantology and should be a fundamental component of every surgical practice. The device offers not only optimal safety in use, but also ensures the patient suffers less pain and experiences quicker healing thanks to its minimally invasive function. I not only recommend Piezomed from W&H to my students, but also make my colleagues aware of the unique possibilities on offer with the surgical device time and time again.