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Great benefits with W&H Piezomed

Assistant Professor Dragana Gabrić, dr.med.dent., Zagreb, Croatia
Dragana Gabrić, dr.med.dent.,
Zagreb, Croatia

“I have been working with the Piezomed since its introduction to the clinical market at the beginning of 2013.

The most important advantages of piezotechnology in dentistry I see, is in the minimally invasiveness in the field of minor surgical procedures and the postoperative comfort of the patients.

Frequently I use the surgical device Piezomed from W&H for atraumatic tooth extractions, mostly in combination with tooth socket preservation procedure as a preparation for future implant site. Additionally I use it for autologous bone grafts preparation and lateral window technique for maxillary sinus floor elevation. An innovative range of intelligently designed working tips offers the perfect instrument for every treatment. Compared to the classical techniques the specially developed design of the teeth of the bone saws allows most accurate incisions. Consequently surgical interventions are less aggressive and more atraumatic for my patients.

One of the greatest innovation in the field of piezo surgery is the automatic tip detection. It allows easiness in clinical work and prevents errors by the surgeon as well as tip breakage during the surgery. So beside fine cutting characteristics of the working tips the Piezomed offers a unique work comfort and a high level of security to the patients and the surgeons. Thanks to the minimally invasiveness of the W&H device patients profit not only from a high postoperative comfort but also from a better and faster healing process.

Due to the multiple advantages of the Piezomed, I would definitely recommend it to my colleagues. The device not only provides optimum support for demanding surgical operations, but also a gentle intervention to the patient.”

The Piezomed from W&H offers state-of-the-art ultrasound technology for even the most demanding tasks in bone surgery. Thanks to the minimally invasiveness of the device patients profit from a high postoperative comfort.

W&H provides a specially developed design of the teeth of the bone saws. The image shows a special saw for fine and deep cuts in record time, the saw is applied for a patent.