The two sides of the new W&H Lina sterilizer

Usability outside – technology inside. Together, the powerful package for reprocessing dental instruments by using a B type sterilizer: this is how the new generation of Lina sterilizers showcases.

New Lina
The technology inside the Lina is a sophisticated technical concept that offers future-oriented possibilities.

Steam sterilization plays a significant role in the reprocessing of dental instruments to prevent the transmission of infections. With the new W&H Lina sterilizer, efficiency and simplicity go hand in hand. The simplified user interface and menu structure make daily routine easier in practice. Various sterilization cycles and functions that can be upgraded are available and ensure optimal results and an efficient practice workflow. Lina also scores with its ergonomic and functional design.

Improved usability

An integrated funnel makes filling operations easier. Thanks to the removable cover the water tanks are accessible without tools. Functional and compact thanks to its design and modular feet, Lina finds its place everywhere and there, with its maintenance intervals set to 4,000 cycles or 5 years, proves how reliable it is. The 3.5-inch touch screen display navigates you easy to the appropriate sterilization cycle: The ECO B sterilization program reprocesses loads up to 0.5 kilogram in just 25 minutes. However, with the possibility of reprocessing loads of up to 6 kilograms, Lina yet fulfils the requirements of every dental clinic. The B Universal 121°C cycle even enables the reprocessing of sensitive items, including porous such as surgical clothing.

Usability outside: The effortless handling as well as the ergonomic and functional design ensure an efficient practice workflow.
Sterilization performance: B type sterilizer with the best cycle times in its category.
Lina touch screen
Ease of use: The 3.5-inch touch screen display guarantees a smooth user experience.

Advanced technology

The Lina sterilizer is based on a sophisticated technical concept with future-oriented possibilities such as unique upgradeability, advanced connectivity and enhanced traceability.
Cycle information is saved automatic on a high-capacity USB stick, barcode label printer and cycle report printer provide additional documentation opportunities.
ioDent® sytem offers intelligent dental solutions with first-class service and support. The W&H Steri App allows control and remote monitoring of the sterilizer. Moreover, cycle history back-up saved on the smartphone ensures extra-safety.

ioDent® system
Connectivity: ioDent® system offers intelligent dental solutions with first-class service and support. The W&H Steri App allows controlling and remote monitoring of the sterilizer.
Activation cards
Enhance additional features that meet your practice needs and comply with future requirements.

Unique upgradeability

Activation Codes offer tailored opportunities to enhance additional features that meet practice needs and comply with future requirements. The “S naked” cycle feature ensures maximum speed for reprocessing unwrapped instruments, including handpieces. “Remote data storage” logs the cycle history directly on the PC. With “Traceability”, the user can be identified, or the load released directly via a PIN. The “All in One” function combines all three codes at once at an unsurpassed value for money. In any case the Lina sterilizer can be upgraded in just six steps, as described on: activation.wh.com. Ideal for a future-oriented sterilization process and thus to ensure an efficient workflow in your practice!